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The Role of Teeth Whitening is Changing (part II)

Take Home Whitening Solutions

This category of whitening typically covers two categories. First are custom trays made by the dental office for the patient. This also tends to be a very profitable category given the low cost of materials and relatively low staff time requirements. All of the same value propositions outlined above for in-office whitening for use with group buying programs can also be applied to doing a similar offering specifically for custom trays.

However, custom trays are also a way to help differentiate your offering from other dentists by providing them for free whenever a patient purchases an in-office treatment in order to help maintain the results. The economics of making custom trays typically make this a relatively low cost, loss leader investment when used in this manner. A second category is pre-configured take-home whitening kits that include whitening gel and a “do-it-yourself” type tray system. These types of kits can be a more cost-effective alternative to offer as a complimentary item given there is no staff time involved. However, it is critical to use a company that offers a product in the right cost range to minimize the expense of offering this solution to patients for free and maximize profits when sold as a retail product.

For the patient who cannot afford custom trays, this can also serve as an outstanding alternative with costs as low as $20 per kit. It is also critical to choose kits where the tray system has a short-term shelf life so that patients will need to return to the practice for both gels and tray systems.


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