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Dental chair

Dental Unit IDT-DC1100

Dental Unit IDT-DC1100_Big Picture
  • Type : Dental Chair
  • Model : IDT-DC1100
  • Brand : Innotec
  • Place of Origin : Foshan, China
  • Size : 130*112*127CM
  • Gross weight : 260KG
  • Shipping Ports : Guangzhou
  • Payment Terms : T/T
IDT-DC1100 Dental Unit. Economical basic model, with Ceramic spittoon, inner water tank, assistant instrument tray with 3 holes, backrest with hitting obstruction safety-equipment. CE approved, One Year Warranty.



●Low-mounted instrument tray with air brake --------------------

1 set

●4-hole handpiece tubing ---------------------------------------------

3 sets

●Electrical dental chair (PU leather / wider cushion)  ---------

1 set

●Ceramic spittoon ------------------------------------------------------

1 set

●Operating light ---------------------------------------------------------

1 set

●Saliva ejector with high and low suction -----------------------

1 set

●3-way syringe (hot/cold water) -----------------------------------

1 set

●Foot controller ---------------------------------------------------------

1 set

●24V X-Ray film viewer -----------------------------------------------

1 set

●Inner water tank (air pressurized) ---------------------------------

1 set

●Build in junction box ---------------------------------------------------

1 set

●Dental chair automatic emergency stop function



Handpiece(High speed/ Low speed)
Fiber optic tube /fiber optic handpiece
Real leather cushion
Top-mounted instrument tray
Endoscope system
Build in Ultrasonic Scaler
Curing light
Oil-free air compressor
Power voltage ---------------------------- 220V / 50Hz
Motor voltage ----------------------------- 24V
Water pressure --------------------------- 0.2MPa-0.4MPa

Air pressure ------------------------------- 0.5MPa-0.8MPa


Dental Unit Upholstery color selection