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Dental chair

Dental Unit IDT-DC1500

Dental Unit IDT-DC1500_Big Picture
  • Type : Dental Chair
  • Model : IDT-DC1500
  • Brand : Innotec
  • Place of Origin : Foshan, China
  • Size : 145*112*131CM
  • Gross weight : 300KG
  • Shipping Ports : Guangzhou
  • Payment Terms : T/T
IDT-DC1500 Dental Unit, CE approved, One Year Warranty. Middle class pratical model, two water tanks providing purified water and city water conversion, including Luxurious operating light, cabinet and spittoon can be rotated independently.



●Low-mounted instrument tray with air brake ------------------------------------------------------

1 set

●4-hole handpiece tubing --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

3 sets

●Dental chair with 9 memory (PU leather / wider cushion / synchronized movement) ---

1 set

●Rotatable ceramic spittoon ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

1 set

●Luxurious operating light -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1 set

●Saliva ejector with high and low suction -----------------------------------------------------------

1 set

●3-way syringe (hot/cold water) -----------------------------------------------------------------------

2 sets

●Multi-functional foot controller ------------------------------------------------------------------------

1 set

●LED panoramic X-Ray film viewer ------------------------------------------------------------------

1 set

●Outer water tank (air pressurized) -------------------------------------------------------------------

2 sets

●Build in junction box (with water / air / electric main on/off switch)--------------------------

1 set

●Operating stool ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1 set

●Dental chair automatic emergency stop function



Handpiece(High speed/ Low speed)
Fiber optic tube /fiber optic handpiece
Real leather cushion
LCD display
Top-mounted instrument tray
Endoscope system
Build in Ultrasonic Scaler
Build in LED Curing light
Oil-free air compressor
Power voltage ---------------------------- 220V / 50Hz
Motor voltage ----------------------------- 24V
Water pressure --------------------------- 0.2MPa-0.4MPa

Air pressure ------------------------------- 0.5MPa-0.8MPa


Dental Unit Upholstery color selection