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Dental handpiece lubricating device IDT-LB01

Dental handpiece lubricating device IDT-LB01_Big Picture
  • Type : Dental handpiece lubricating device
  • Model : IDT-LB01
  • Brand : Innotec
  • Place of Origin :
  • Size :
  • Gross weight : 5kg
  • Shipping Ports : Guangzhou
  • Payment Terms : T/T
Dental handpiece lubricating device IDT-LB01, to get full performance from all your handpieces.


1. Working pressure: 0.4-0.8Mpa
2. Power: 220V/50HZ
3. Air flow: 60L/min
4. Weight: 5kg


Working Procedure:
1. Remove scraps: the high speed current inside the handpiece.produce negative-pressure vacuum to remove the particles on the pipe and bearing surface.
2. Cleaning liquid flushs: cleaning liquid flows along with the current to get into negative-pressure gap to clean the dirt.
3. Blow air: blow to dry the remnant of the cleaning liquid inside the handpiece.
4. Lubricate: lubrication gets into the negative-pressure gap to lubricate the bearing thoroughly
5. Blow air: blow off the lef tover lubration.let the oil membrane evenly cover the bearing roll bead and wind wheel rotatable bearing
6. Finish:bearing ,wind wheel and pipe inside the handpiece have been finished cleaning and lubricating.It can be sealed and sterilized.