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Diamond Bur IDT-DB105

Diamond Bur IDT-DB105_Big Picture
  • Type : Dia-Bur
  • Model : IDT-DB105 (Dia-Bur)
  • Brand : Innotec
  • Place of Origin : Foshan, China
  • Size :
  • Gross weight :
  • Shipping Ports : Guangzhou
  • Payment Terms : T/T
Dia-Bur, hard and staying quality, not easy to lose diamond sand, colour and size are uniform.


Detailed Product Description

1. Hard and staying quality.

2. Not easy to lose diamond sand.

3. Colour and size are uniform.

4. All model for choice.

5. 5 pieces in one box.

6. Silver paper package .health and converient to use.


Coding system reflects shapes of burs. The contour and sizes could be imagined by nomenclature since I.S.O. numbers are also indicated.
*  TF/Taper Flat End 
*  TR/Taper Round End
*  TC/Taper Conical End
*  FO/Flame Ogival End
*  SF/Straight Flat End
*  SO/Straight Ogival End
*  SR/Straight Tound End
*  RS/Rounded Shoulder
*  EX/Special(Extra)shape
*  BR/Ball Round Type
*  BC/Ball Collar Type
*  DI/Double Inverted Cone
*  S/Short Shank
*  SS/Super Short Shand
*  C/Coares
*  F/Fine
*  EF/Extra Fine
*  SI/Single Inverted Cone
*  WR/Wheel Round Edge
*  CR/CR Inaly Preparation Dia-Burs
*  CD-Children’s Dentistry Dia-Burs


Color Coding
Color code indication is provided at the end of working part’, according to the size of diamond grit conforming to the I.S.O. specification.


Dental Diamond Bur Chart

Click here to download the Big-Size Chart!


Dental Dia Bur Chart How to

Dental Dia Bur IDT-DB105

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