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X-ray unit

Digital X-ray Sensor IDT-XS160

Digital X-ray Sensor IDT-XS160_Big Picture
  • Type : Digital Dental X-ray Sensor
  • Model : IDT-XS160
  • Brand : Innotec
  • Place of Origin : Foshan, China
  • Size : 39*31mm
  • Gross weight :
  • Shipping Ports : Guangzhou
  • Payment Terms : T/T
Digital Dental X-ray Sensor. It provides the highest image quality in the lowest cost and maximize the patient comfort compared to the traditional X-ray film.


Product Description:
It is the latest digital intra oral sensor with round off edges to maximize the patient comfort.
The patterned internal metal casing and shock absorption design warrant the durability even the most harsh operating environment.
The patterned cable connection structure reinforced the stability of the digital image processing while maximizing the flexibility to maintain the cable integrity during frequent and extreme bending.
The supreme quality of diagnostic images providedr is essential to a successful implant surgery and endodontic treatment.
It improves the practice management efficiency by shortening the processing time for a diagnostic image without the hassle of film developer and dark room.
It is equipped with Hybrid CMOS technology (Onchip Trigger, Switching, Redundancy Signal) to provide the highest image quality.
Its plug-in type USB 2.0 PC Interface guarantees the user convenience and simple interaction.


Technical Parameters:
Type of sensor: CMOS-APS
External Size: 39*31mm
Valid Area: 31.8*24 mm
Data Transmission: USDB2.0
Length of Electric Cable of Probe: 3m
Power: 3.5W
Gray Scale: 4096
Size of Every Pixel of Finished image: 0.035mm
Signal Noise: > 37db
Working Evironment: 0-40℃
Working humidity: <75%


Each Product includes:
1. Sensor
2. CPU
3. Connecting line of USB
4. Trapping software of VATECH-3
5. Management software of EasyDent V4 Viewer dentistry images
6. Wall build-up protective covering (CPU + sensor)
7. 50 sets of disposable sanitary protection
8. 5 sets of flexible glue protection


Digital X-ray Sensor IDT-XS160 detail1

Digital X-ray Sensor IDT-XS160 detail2

Digital X-ray Sensor IDT-XS160 detail3



Working with Low-dose Portable x-ray IDT-XS50P, We provides the perfect dental X-ray working flow for low cost! 

Low dose digital output workflow