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Curing light

LED Curing Light IDT-CL101

LED Curing Light IDT-CL101_Big Picture
  • Type : LED Curing light
  • Model : IDT-CL101
  • Brand : Innotec
  • Place of Origin : Foshan, China
  • Size :
  • Gross weight :
  • Shipping Ports : Guangzhou
  • Payment Terms : T/T
Long life, low heat and noiseless LED light curing machine. Different working mode for your selection. Solidifying time can be adjustable. Wireless and corded are compatible in one.


Technical Specifications:
1. Adaptor voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz.
2. Wavelength: 420-480nm
3. Light power: 850-1000mw/cm2
4. solidification time and depth: 5S 3mm


1. High power LED,professional dental spectrum
2. Bionic design,LCD display
3. Optional working mode: strong, low, gradually strong, flashing
4. Solidifying time:5-40s,can be adjustable
5. Temperature inspect, over-temperature protection
6. High capacity Li-ion battery , and can charge with charge base or adaptor  
7. Wireless and corded are compatible in one
8. Built-in high sensitive LED light measure system
9. Handle can put on the tool tray with the holder



1. LED light should be shine on the curing material with a distance no more than 2mm.

2. Time interval to the next lightening should be more than 60 seconds.

3. A disinfected transparent membrane should cover the head of the light. The cover is one-off to depollute the head.

4. The head of the light should not point to eyes to prevent from being blind with intense light.

5. Keep the power supply off when LED light curing set is not in use.


Curing Light IDT-CL101 Description1

Curing Light IDT-CL101 Description2


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